Will my car run better with a new catalytic converter

New catalytic converter could … Regular catalytic converters like this one may be on their way to obsolescence (Image: Shutterstock ) View …

Not having a catalytic converter will change the way your car works. It’ll become more polluting and less fuel efficient. In contrast, it may reduce engine temperature and increase horsepower – but that doesn’t make it a good decision, though. I have already covered what happens when you drive around without a catalytic converter.

Does Your Car Need A New Catalytic Converter? 9 Symptoms

Let’s take a closer look at the nine most common symptoms of a bad catalytic converter: 1. Check engine light illuminating. The first and most obvious symptom indicating that you’re dealing with a bad catalytic converter is when you …

5. Engine revving at high RPMs. Another sign your car might need a new catalytic converter is when the engine seems to be revving higher than usual, even when you’re not pressing down on the gas pedal that hard. The catalytic converter’s job is to convert harmful chemicals and gases into less harmful ones.

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