Will a catalytic converter cause high hc

Any malfunction causing an unusually high level of HC or CO (in conjunction with high levels of O2) to enter the converter, will dramatically elevate its temperature. Potential causes for high HC readings may include: Misfires. Low compression. Poor …

It’s clear the engine is running overly lean. A lean engine operating condition produces more NOx than usual, and the lean exhaust chemically interferes with the converter’s ability to clean NOx (remember that excess oxygen is good for cleaning HC and CO, but bad for NOx). There are dozens of potential causes of the high NOx readings, ranging from the relatively easy …

What Causes a Catalytic Converter to Fail – Walker Exhaust


An exhaust valve that is improperly seated will not transfer heat. As a result, the valve and its seat will rise in temperature, causing preignition. This will result in high HC, low CO, high O2, low CO2, and high NOx. So as you can see, excessive NOx is caused by high internal temperatures.

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Why is there no co in the catalytic converter when running lean?

As a result of running lean, the additional HC from a richer mixture is not there to absorb the heat. Therefore, the CO molecule needed in the catalytic converter to cause the catalyst to reduce minor levels of NOx to nitrogen and carbon dioxide will not be created.

Do I need a new catalytic converter for high NOx?

We at Discount Converter sometimes get calls from customers who have been told they need a new converter because their vehicle has tested showing HIGH NOx readings. A catalytic converter WILL NOT by itself reduce HIGH NOx emissions.

What causes high NOx and HC in a gas analyzer?

If the vehicle is not running rich, the gas analyzer will read high HC, low CO, high O2, low CO2, and high NOx. The reason for the high O2 is that the carbon will assimilate a lean ignition misfire.

What are the common causes of high HC?

Common HC faults. Failed high HC. Failed high Hydrocarbon. What Causes High Hydrocarbon (HC)? Below are common failures which are likely to produce high Hydrocarbon HC. Hydrocarbons are basically raw fuel, otherwise known as Gasoline. High Hydrocarbon (HC) emissions are almost always a sign of poor fuel ignition.

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