Why are toyota catalytic converters so expensive

Some catalytic converters, such as one that comes off of a Toyota Prius are sometimes worth 10 times the amount of money, compared to a cat that is physically larger. The reason the Toyota Prius cat is more valuable is because of the concentration of precious metals found inside for the purpose of cleaner emissions as a hybrid vehicle.

Why Catalytic Converters? According to a price chart, the price of rhodium has skyrocketed. In 2018, it cost you 1800 dollars to buy an ounce of Rhodium. Today, the same ounce can go up to 2000 dollars in value. This insane price hike is the fundamental driving force behind the increase in catalytic converter theft.

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Why are the Toyota Prius converters so expensive? The scrap price of a catalytic converter is determined by the amount of rhodium in it. Some companies use only 1 gram of rhodium while others use up to 3 grams and even more.

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How much does a catalytic converter cost?

These catalytic converters while they look the same with the shields on them could have a large yield differentiation where we have seen some cats sold for $150 and other cats sold for over $1,000 depending on where the precious market ranges are.

Does the Toyota Prius have a catalytic converter?

Toyota Prius is not just a hybrid, it’s a legendary vehicle that is long-lasting, pretty economical, and also technological. But it still has a 1.8-liter gasoline engine, so it will have a catalytic converter to reduce the CO2 emissions and other emissions created in your engine when the gasoline burns.

What are the most common mistakes people make with catalytic converters?

The most popular mistake is to sell your catalytic converter to a company that offers not so much money. You should find more companies and check whether they can pay more. Otherwise, you will just lose your money and someone else will earn some bucks using your converters.

What kind of catalytic converter does a Ford car have?

These are generally found on Ford vehicles that are larger such as vans. These are large torpedo-shaped catalytic converters and inside they have multiple biscuits (small sections of honeycomb) ranging from one up to four total biscuits per cat.

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