Who makes eastern catalytic converters

At Eastern Catalytic we manufacture catalytic converters designed for the professional technician. Our Universal, Direct-fit, EPA and CARB converter lines have broad coverage and are designed for easy installation and long-life performance. Eastern’s coverage for cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs is the most comprehensive in the industry and including hard-to-find applications.

Top 8 Catalytic Converter Manufacturers Worldwide. BASF SE Continental AG Eberspacher Group Johnson Matthey PlC Faurecia SA Umicore Tenneco Inc. (Walker) AP Exhaust. Leading Manufacturers in the U.S. Catalytic Converter Market.

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Eastern Manufacturing was established by Wilhelm Schafer in 1976 as a supplier of rebuilt catalytic converters to Schafer Muffler Centers and S.M.S. Products. The company rapidly grew to become the top manufacturer of new direct-fit and universal converters.

by Robert F. Lewis. Continuous development design, productions, and delivery systems make the eastern catalytic converter most vulnerable. In addition, it is certified to deliver the products to over 58 countries throughout the world where it suits cars, light trucks, SUVs, and vans. Each catalytic converter meets OEM specs with OE-quality flanges and …

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Are used catalytic converters worth anything?

Used Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices – The used cut off converter from your automobile or truck is considered recycle used and scrap precious metals. Used Catalytic Convertor Scrap shall consist of many assorted sizes of whole intact scrap used catalytic converters for pricing. The catalyst must not be removed from inside the used converter.

Is a catalytic converter replacement worth the cost?

Catalytic converter replacement costs are typically very high because apart from the parts, it’s a highly labor-intensive process that takes hours to complete, and that alone contributes exponentially to the cost.

Where to cash in catalytic converters?

it would mandate that scrap dealers confirm the ownership of catalytic converters when they’re resold, and put in place measures to ensure better record-keeping. All payments made in cash would …

How do you replace catalytic converter?

You will need the following:Replacement catalytic converterRatchet and socket setOxygen sensor socketPenetrating oilJack stands

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