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Your local car salvage yard is an easy option. These places by used car parts all the time and will offer you cash for your catalytic converter. Junkyards are in the business of making money though and have quite a bit of …

Diesel catalytic converters or premium cars contain Pt and Rh. Although their metal contents are about 2.5-3.5 thousand ppm. In general, the acceptance of catalytic converters with similar content is about seventy percent. The cost of such parts of the exhaust system on average varies between sixty to seventy-five USD per 1 kg.

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Where can I buy used catalytic converters?

Usually, there are plenty of car service stations that are ready to give some information on purchasing old catalysts. Specialized companies always buy used catalytic converters in any quantity and offer good deals, both to individuals and large suppliers.

What influences the price of a catalytic converter?

The sales market is one of the biggest influencers. Better catalytic converters are provided for the European car market, and if you need to sell a car catalyst, originally intended for third world countries, then they will not give a high price for it.

How to calculate the cost of scrap catalytic converters?

The purchase of catalytic converters is equal for both foreign and domestic manufacturers in any condition. You can calculate the cost of a scrap catalytic converter using a special calculator or simply by calling consultants. It is not only a profitable but also a satisfying process, due to your will to recycle the old item.

What causes a catalytic converter to fail?

This occurs when the honeycomb structure melts or becomes clogged with soot and exhaust gases are difficult to escape. An additional booming or rattling sound indicates the destruction of the car’s ceramic of a catalytic converter.

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