Which oxygen sensor goes in my catalytic converter

The catalytic converter uses expensive metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium to filter out fumes thus reducing the emission released from the exhaust pipe. This device is equipped with two oxygen sensors, one sensor on the front of the catalytic converter (upstream) and the other at the rear (downstream).

Yes, the oxygen sensor can damage the catalytic converter, although the damage is indirect. What actually happens is that the oxygen sensor malfunctions and sends incorrect data to your vehicle’s main computer chip. The chip uses this data and increases the amount of fuel in the combustion chamber even though it doesn’t need it.

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The powertrain control module (PCM) flip-flops the air/fuel mixture when the engine is warm by monitoring the rich/lean signal from the oxygen sensor in the exhaust. When the O2 sensor reads lean, the PCM makes the fuel mixture go rich. When the O2 sensor sends back a rich signal, the PCM shortens the on-time of the fuel injectors and leans the fuel …

If the downstream O2 sensor activity mirrors the upstream O2 sensor, the converter is dead and needs to be replaced. On V6 and V8 applications with dual cat exhausts, you’ll have upstream O2 sensor readings for each side of the engine and downstream O2 sensor readings for each converter. Check and compare both sides. MODE 06 CATALYST CHECKS

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How does oxygen sensor affect catalyst converter?

o2 sensors & catalytic converter diagnostics Converters typically fail one of two ways: they get too hot, melt and plug up, or the catalyst becomes contaminated and useless. Diagnosing a plugged converter is fairly easy, but diagnosing converter efficiency requires tapping into the OBD II system with a scan tool to check for codes and to compare the upstream and downstream O2 sensor readings.

Is there a sensor on the catalytic converter?

Modern catalytic converters are tied into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) system with sensors. If the catalytic converter is not working at peak efficiency, the sensor will throw an error code, which will alert the driver with a notification or warning light.

Can you put an oxygen sensor in after catalytic converter?

The Purpose of a Back O2 Sensor Back O2 sensors are located after the catalytic converter, a part that facilitates the conversion of pollutants in the exhaust to harmless by-products. These sensors monitor the efficiency of the converter. The computer compares the exhaust that flows into the converter with the exhaust that comes out.

Do it yourself catalytic converter?

The new state law makes it illegal for anyone to purchase a detached, used catalytic converter unless the device is to be installed on another vehicle or is being sold to a “secondary metals recycler” with a fixed address.

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