Where to take used catalytic converters

You can sell used catalytic converter’s precious insides to us at Noble6 after you de-can the shells. We will provide you with the most accurate assaying services. As a result, you can get $10,000’s more in profits when you sell used catalytic converters that have been de-canned to us.

Exotic catalytic converters are from foreign cars. GET QUOTE. VIEW METAL DETAILS. $543-$1097/each. Torpedo Cat. These are generally found on larger Ford vehicles like Eco-Vans and other similar sizes. GET QUOTE. …

Where to Sell a Catalytic Converter Near Me


Where to Sell a Catalytic Converter Near Me. There are three options when it comes to selling a catalytic converter: auto salvage yards, metal scrap yard, or to an online buyer. Local Auto Salvage (easy option) Your local …

Where To Recycle Your Used Catalytic Converters for the Best Prices. If you have 500 or more automobile catalytic converters, we’ll process them and pay you top dollar for the precious metals they contain, including: Platinum. Palladium. Rhodium. Did you know that each used catalytic converter could contain about one-tenth of an ounce of platinum – worth $100 or more at …

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What are the cheapest catalytic converters?

What to do if your catalytic converter is stolen?File a report with the Claremore Police Department at 200 W. 1st Street or on call the non-emergency line 918-341-1212.Call your car insurance agent.Don’t drive the car. It is illegal in Oklahoma to drive without a catalytic converter.

What kind of catalytic converter should I buy?

To see which converter you need, check the following:Your converter will be CARB compliant if your vehicle was originally sold in the state of California.It may or may not be CARB compliant if your vehicle was sold in one of the other 49 US states. …If your catalytic converter is CARB compliant it will be stamped with a certification or it will be labeled accordingly on the shell. …

Who buys old catalytic converters?

Thefts were reported in the City of Saline:Jan. 30 on the 400 block of Hartman Lane.Jan. 28 on the 700 block of Valley Circle Drive.Jan. 25 on the 200 block of North Maple Road.Jan. 29 on the 800 block of Valley Circle Drive.

Are used catalytic converters worth anything?

Used Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices – The used cut off converter from your automobile or truck is considered recycle used and scrap precious metals. Used Catalytic Convertor Scrap shall consist of many assorted sizes of whole intact scrap used catalytic converters for pricing. The catalyst must not be removed from inside the used converter.

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