Where can i sell a catalytic converter

Where Is The Best Place To Sell A Catalytic Converter? An obvious answer is – a scrap yard. While selling your catalytic converter to a scrap yard may seem like a better option, be wary of those you sell to. Like the problems we mentioned early like lack of …

There are three options when it comes to selling a catalytic converter: auto salvage yards, metal scrap yard, or to an online buyer. Local Auto Salvage (easy option) Your local car salvage yard is an easy option. These places by used car parts all the time and will …

How To Sell Your Catalytic Converter – DMV Recycling

Follow These Steps to Sell Your Catalytic Converter Online: Look up your catalytic converter on our Sell page. Fill out the necessary information as accurately as possible. This will help us deliver your 100% accurate catalytic converter quote. If you don’t see your catalytic …

In the past, the most traditional way of selling catalytic converters was by going directly to the scrap yard and cashing them in for whatever price that they gave you. Most …

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Why are catalytic converter prices so high?

Your catalytic converter is expensive because it needs rhodium to reduce smog levels. Rhodium, at its current value, is extremely expensive which makes using it in a catalytic converter expensive. To make up for their cost, manufacturers have to increase the price of the catalytic converter.

How much does a catalytic converter cost at a junkyard?

This varies by car and the condition of your catalytic converter. Still, on average, scrap catalytic converters are worth between 300 $ to 1500 $ when sold as scrap at your local wrecking service. In today’s world, catalytic converters are no longer being sold as part of a car.

How much is a stolen catalytic converter worth?

While a stolen catalytic converter can fetch a few hundred dollars at a metal recycler, victims pay an average of $1,000 to replace it, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. O.C. How much will a junkyard pay for a catalytic converter?

Who is buying catalytic converters?

OLYMPIA, Wash. — A bill requiring scrap metal businesses to have more documentation when buying catalytic converters and establishing a state task force to address the rise in thefts passed the House of Representatives Saturday evening. Catalytic converters thefts have risen sharply across Washington state.

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