How to take off catalytic converter

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One of the easiest, cheapest, and simplest methods of removing a catalytic converter is to gut your converter. Place your car on some higher spot or lift it so that you can quickly move under it and unbolt the converter yourself. Do not forget to off the vehicle for several hours before doing this.

How to Remove a Catalytic Converter |

You can use the reciprocating saw to remove catalytic converters which have been welded onto the car. Make sure that you are familiar with using such a saw before attempting the job. If you still cannot remove the converter in spite of having removed all of the nuts and bolts that connect it to the car, you may need to gently tap it with a hammer to nudge …

Slide under your vehicle and apply some penetrating fluid to the mounting bolts that hold your catalytic converter in place. Let the fluid sit for at least 15 minutes. Remove the wiring harness from the O2 sensor and then remove the sensor completely using an adjustable wrench.

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