How to bypass catalytic converter check engine light

The cons. 1. It is illegal in the U.S. The U.S federal government does not allow tampering with your vehicle’s catalytic converter unless it is damaged or … 2. Pollutes the atmosphere. 3. It triggers a fault code. 4. It creates a louder noise. 5. …

How To Bypass Catalytic Converter Check Engine Light-A guide Step 1: Disconnecting the oxygen sensor and dismounting the convertor.. Step 2: You should add a bypass pipe to replace the converter.. Step 3: Reattach the oxygen sensor.. Step 4: …

How to Bypass Catalytic Converter Check Engine Light:DIY …

Most truck owners experience their vehicle check engine light switching on, which signifies something wrong with your catalytic converter. If you do not know how to bypass or correct the problem, you would have to consult a professional. Understandably, most people prefer to try every means possible to bypass the catalytic converter check …

You can override the check engine light by installing a bypass pipe and then shifting the oxygen sensor closer to the frame of your vehicle. Fair warning, though—tampering with your vehicle’s catalytic converter is illegal in much of the United States and can land you with some hefty fines.

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How do you put a bypass on a catalytic converter?

Place the catalytic converter on the ground. Attach the bypass pipe onto the exhaust system where the catalytic converter was. Adjust the pipe until the bolt holes on the flanges of the bypass pipe align with those on the existing exhaust pipe.

What causes the Check Engine light to flash when changing catalytic converter?

Removing the catalytic converter or driving with a damaged one will trigger a fault code which will cause the check engine light on the dashboard to turn on and start flashing.

How do you clear a catalytic converter error code?

If the error code persists after bypassing the converter, you can clear the code by installing a spark plug defouler on the downstream oxygen sensor. Installing the spark defouler will permanently remove the catalytic code without tampering with the converter. This method also requires you to be having a working oxygen sensor.

What happens when you remove the catalytic converter from a car?

The catalytic converter reduces the force that removes the exiting gases and consequentially decreasing the engine’s combustion. But when you remove the catalytic converter and replace it with a bypass pipe, the exhaust gases move faster, improving combustion and increasing horsepower. 2. Improved exhaust noise

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